Transcript: Forgotten Citizens: today's forgotten citizens

Ethnic Enable and how it started up. Tahira is a young Asian woman with learning disabilities and she shares her experiences and hopes for her future with us.

Podcast Episode: Forgotten Citizens: today's forgotten citizens

Category: Disability 


What follows is a transcription of the audio recording. Due to differences between spoken and written English, the transcript may contain quirks of grammar and syntax.

TR - Tahira Ramzan

TR Hi my name is Tahira and I’m 30 years old. I used to go to Nautical College and I did a development course.

I have 7 sisters, I’m the second oldest, I have one brother. I have a learning disability, so does my sister. People don’t always understand me, once I was walking down the street and a man started to throw money at me and I got scared. I told the police.

My sister also has an illness, she is in Leverndale Hospital. She has been bullied a lot, people who she thought were her friends cut her lovely long hair, and they put spaghetti in her hair one time. She still keeps in touch with these people, I try to tell her what they do is wrong and that they are taking advantage of her. She does not understand how some people can be bad.

My life would be happier if people took more time to talk to me and I need people to listen to me more. I like it when people are nice to me and not mean to me.

I would like to go on more trips to nice places like the park, or places like Loch Lomond.

I would like to have a job, I would like to work in a place like Boots or Superdrug. I went for an interview last year in New Look, I got scared and left when they started to ask me questions.

I would like to do jewellery making and I also like art classes.

I don’t go places by myself and I’m scared that someone may take advantage of me.

I feel safer is someone is with me, like a friend or a husband. I would like to get married, I think my husband would understand me.

I am lucky to have good friends, they talk to me and we go out places together and if its my friends birthday I like to go to her house for a birthday party.

Thank you all for taking time to listen to me.

Tahira Ramzan

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