Transcript: Learning Disability Week 2015

Michael McEwan picks out some highlights, including older people with learning disability, using technology and staying safe online, women and learning disability, LGBT and Date 'n' Mates.

Podcast Episode: Learning Disability Week 2015

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MM - Michael McEwan

MM Learning Disability Week is running from 15th to 21st June. Now why do we have Learning Disability and why is it important? Well it’s important to raise the issues of people with learning disabilities, raise issues and make people aware that there are issues, and give them a stronger voice in their community and society, at the end of the day, and hopefully we will break down barriers and give people an even bigger chance with a learning disability or mental health issues for that matter, to try and get into employment.

Now as I said, the 15th to 21st June is Learning Disability Week 2015 - now this year the SCLD - that’s the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities, and the Scottish government, has been working very, very hard on a theme for this year’s event. And I think it is a very good theme - it is on equality. Now equality is a big issue, as I said, it’s basically giving people a voice, a chance and raising awareness at the end of the day. And they are using this opportunity to bring together all the work that has been done to empower people with learning disabilities and their families and have an equal voice in the community.

SCLD, the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities, will be running the following events throughout the week. Now I am going to let you know about these events now, and at the end of this I will tell you how you can get in touch and book on any of these events.

On Monday 15th June, in Greenock - it is Older People with Learning Disability. This event will highlight better practice, for example from organisations who work with people with learning disabilities. This event will enable them to work closely with old people and giving people a chance, and their carers, to voice their concern at this event.

Moving across to Glasgow on 16th June - the event is It’s for All - It’s for All is an event ran by PAMAS - PAMAS is running a session for family carers about how technology can be used to better manage long-term conditions. Now what they mean by technology is by going onto the internet. If you haven’t used the internet before, or if you haven’t used a PC before, I would ask you go along to this free event. It’s held by PAMAS on 16th June. Once again it is for family carers and about how technology can be used to better manage long-term conditions.

And at the same time, Dates n’ Mates is launching a workshop for people with learning disabilities to stay safe on the internet - because that is a very big issue nowadays - staying safe online.

On Wednesday 17th June in Glasgow it is an event called ‘Women with Learning Disabilities - Equal and Healthy Living’. Now this is an event, and this is your chance for women with learning disabilities to come together to talk about what matters to them and to learn about the important issues such as women’s health and wellbeing and healthy relationships. So this is an event on Wednesday 17th June.

On the Friday then, 19th June, up in Aberdeen, if you are up in Aberdeen, this is an event supported by LGBT and Learning Disabilities. This theme day will have fun activities and will give you the chance to tell us what support and resources are needed in the evening. So basically this event is ran by LGBT during the day and then it is a workshop, and in the evening Dates n’ Mates is holding a civic reception, but also at the same time they are launching Dates n’ Mates up in Aberdeen. So at the moment they have got Dates n’ Mates in Glasgow, Dates n’ Mates in Kilmarnock - but this time they are launching Dates n’ Mates in Aberdeen - and that is happening on 19th June. Hopefully you will make it along to one of these events.

If you want more information about anything I have spoken about on this Podcast, all you need to do, to book your place, by visiting the website at or you can call SCLD, that’s the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities, on 0141 559 5720. If you are running an event yourself, you or your organisation is running an event about Learning Disability Week, why not tell us and phone the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities and they will put it on the website so that everybody will know.

So this year’s theme again is Equality, and it’s ran between 15th to 21st June - and I must say that all the events during Learning Disability Week is totally free - you do not have to pay for these events at all, they’re free. So enjoy Learning Disability Week and I’ll speak to you soon.

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